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2014 National Conference on Internal Auditing


2533-anton-musgrave Anton Musgrave
Joint CEO of
Future World 
Norman Marks
Honorary Fellow of
Institute of Risk

Azran Osman Rani
Chief Executive 
Officer AirAsia X

FutureWorld Guru, business
strategist, keynote speaker,
businessman and entrepreneur.
Has engages with clients around
the world in strategic
conversations on the future.
‘Learning from the future’ is the
driven passion.
A practitioner and thought
leader, focusing on corporate
governance, risk management,
internal audit, enterprise
performance and the value of
information. Also a mentor to
individuals and organizations
around the world.

Azran Osman Rani was appointed
as Chief Executive Officer of Air Asia
X, the world’s pioneer low-cost long-
haul airline in July 2007. He led the
start-up team that developed the
business plan, raised capital, secured
relevant licenses, and launched AirAsia
X’s first flight in November 2007.


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