16 Dec A Few Good Words: How Internal Auditors Can Write Better, More Insightful Reports

Year of Publication: 2010
Author: Sally F. Cutler

This book will help internal auditors learn key strategies and skills for writing effective internal audit reports and for managing report writers. A range of issues is covered: from organisation to clarity, from tone to proof reading. Throughout, realistic examples support sound, contemporary writing theory.

The author, Sally Cutler, draws on her years of consulting with and providing training forinternal auditors — as well as on her formal education in writing — to provide advice that isat once insightful and down-to-earth.

A useful addition to any internal audit library, A Few Good Words will help new and experienced report writers to develop, write, and polish reports that communicate essential messages readably and persuasively. It also will help those managing reportwriters, providing insights on reviewing and editing as well as benchmarks for writing quality.