Auditing and Disruptive Technologies

27 Nov Auditing and Disruptive Technologies

Year of Publication: 2018
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No of Pages: 104

Auditing and Disruptive Technologies
By: Thomas Sanglier, CIA, CPA, CRMA

There are huge risks in implementing disruptive technologies, and some will stumble, fall, and fail. Those that thrive will most likely have cutting-edge audit teams working on and with the latest technologies. The time for action is today. Are you ready to lead from the front?

Times are changing. Where there are challenges there are opportunities, but only if you embrace them. Disruptive technologies not only change the way companies do business, they have the power to transform business models, value propositions, supply chains, and customer relationships.

Author Thomas Sanglier provides auditors with an introduction to disruptive technologies. Using these technologies as examples, the book explores potential impacts to business models, roles, governance, and risks to enable auditors to help their organisations through the forthcoming changes. In addition to organisational impacts, the book discusses auditing disruptive technologies as well as how auditors might leverage these same technologies to provide greater audit effectiveness and/or efficiency.