04 Feb Auditing Leadership : The Professional and Leadership Skills You Need

Year of Publication: 2009
Member Price: RM 340
Non Member Price: RM 410

Auditors review companies’ financial records including taxes, receipts and purchase orders. They scrutinize financial statements to make sure all the information is accurate and complies with federal law. For many auditors the job has become one of ever greater demands. In addition to increasing paperwork, they must retain client relationships, build new business, and develop their personal brands all while flawlessly executing their core job. With high levels of stress and falling job satisfaction, today’s auditors are in search of both professional and leadership skills. Auditing Leadership: The Professional and Leadership Skills You Need provides a comprehensive list and discussion on an individual auditor’s leadership and organizational skills. It includes practical tips, ideas, and insights on becoming a better leader in the audit profession.

The skills discussed in this book are centered on the career of auditing, but they can be leveraged in many aspects of life. Author and audit professional, Brian Kush believes becoming a better leader does not pertain only to circumstances of leading a team; it pertains to everything from “leading” a family to working alone or working with a large group of people.

As technical guidance dominates the average auditor’s library, this is the first book created for auditors that solely focuses on the “soft-skills” needed to excel in planning and completing audits, and becoming a leader in the audit profession. Auditing Leadership shows readers how to become a better leader and the practical skills to excel in auditing, including:

  • client service
  • client management
  • time management
  • marketing and sales
  • personal branding
  • supervisory
  • communication skills and more


The foundation for being a leader comes from uncovering who you are and what you stand for in life, both inside and outside the office walls. Auditing Leadership is about being intentional, reflective, and proactive about the development of leadership skills. It is about never forgetting the big plan and always being able to forget the little plans. Executives, partners, managers, and staff will all benefit from reading this book.