05 Feb Board Effectiveness — What Works Best, 2nd Edition

Year of Publication: 2011
Member Price: RM 175
Non Member Price: RM 260
No of Pages: 138

Board Effectiveness: What Works Best, 2nd Edition
By: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

The spotlight on board performance will continue. This publication provides insight into leading practices that can help directors perform at the highest levels.

Boards have always had to balance overseeing and advising management. But with an ever-changing regulatory landscape and increased scrutiny from a wide range of stakeholders, it has become even more challenging to understand the scope of the demands on boards and how they can handle their key responsibilities most effectively.

Board Effectiveness — What Works Best, 2nd Edition, is intended to be a practical guide to help board directors navigate this increasingly complicated environment. The report:

  • Offers insights and points of view from corporate directors and governance specialists
  • Incorporates survey trends and data that highlight how directors are handling their responsibilities
  • Includes a Board of Directors Self-Assessment Guide that captures the leading practices discussed throughout the report

This is a collection of global leading practices on how the best boards discharge their key corporate governance responsibilities. It provides insights on lessons learned from directors and PwC professionals around the world and addresses recent developments and regulations that affect boards of directors.

The report refers to Audit Committee Effectiveness — What Works Best, 4th edition. Readers will want to refer to that book for greater insight into how the audit committee contributes to the board’s oversight role in areas such as financial reporting, risk management, tone at the top, and crisis management.