03 Feb Casino Management: A Strategic Approach

Year of Publication: 2007
Member Price: RM 535
Non Member Price: RM 645

For courses in Casino Management, Casino Marketing, or Intro to Gaming. Unlike other casino books, this textbook examines the casino industry using a business paradigm. It emphasises both external environmental influences and internal points of control, leaving readers with a more strategic look at how casinos operate and factors that influence their success.

The text starts with a discussion of the microenvironment of casinos and ends with marketing topics such as product, price, place and promotions. Nine vignettes appear throughout and capture current issues such as crisis planning and security. Throughout the text, special emphasis is placed on strategic market planning and the connection between entertainment and industry.

Hallmark Features

Brings the casino industry into the business paradigm, and offers a more strategic look at the casino segment of the hospitality industry.

  • Offers sound coverage of strategic market planning and fundamental business theory.
  • Builds on lessons learned in other hospitality courses and applies them directly to the casino industry.


Examines the external and internal factors impacting casino management–and the casino industry

  • Presents external factors influencing the casino industry such as economics, politics, social issues, consumer behaviour and competition.
  • Analyses the internal controls that casinos use to modify or enhance the impacts: product, price, place, and promotions.


Offers separate chapters on economic and social issues

  • Allows a more balanced discussion of the positives and negatives that casinos bring to a region.


Shows why casinos need to understand politics

  • Supplies casino managers with the basic understanding of how governments think when forming casino laws.
  • Focuses on how and why governments do what they do, not just specific legislations and laws.


Includes unique chapters on place and promotion

  • Explores the impact geographic location, transportation, public relations, sales promotions, advertising and personal selling has on casino success.


Captures current issues impacting the industry

  • Uses vignettes to explore issues such as crisis management, the global market, the impact on Native Americans, security, and advertising.