24 Jun Certified Government Auditing Professional® (CGAP®) Exam Study Questions

Year of Publication: 2010

Price : RM225

Public sector auditors face unique challenges every day. The Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP®) designation from The IIA prepares auditors to skillfully manage challenges related to everything from budget constraints to political and public pressures.

The CGAP® Exam Study Guide, 4th Edition has been updated and revised to give you a comprehensive and highly readable guide for passing the CGAP® exam.

Crucial information is presented for each of the four official exam domains:

I. Standards, governance, and risk/control frameworks
II. Government auditing practice
III. Government auditing skills and techniques
IV. Government auditing environment

The study materials are ideal for both the U.S. and the international version of the CGAP® exam. With current information and trends, explanatory examples, and useful tables, the CGAP® Exam Study Guide will not only help you pass the CGAP® exam, but also advance your career in government auditing.

For those auditors practicing outside the U.S., additional study is suggested only for Domain IV, the government auditing environment.