04 Feb Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Internal Auditors

Year of Publication: 2007
Member Price: RM 345
Non Member Price: RM 650

The goals for this book are twofold: to increase your understanding of how people think and act (including yourself), and to give a tremendous number of tips, practices, suggestions, ideas and skills that you may use appropriately to increase your relationship and get better audit results with your customers and clients, wherever they may reside.

This book represents the results of more than 20 years working as a private consultant and trainer to the audit profession. What started as a small program based on the best research on conflict management and negotiation skills has slowly evolved into a book based on research on these two topics, plus the real-life experiences of thousands of auditors who deal with conflicts, potential conflicts, and differing positions that need to be united on a daily basis. The book is designed to give both clarity into human nature as well as practical skills and suggestions for dealing with people in a wide range of challenging situations.