16 Dec COSO Internal Control – Integrated Framework: Turning Principles Into Positive Action

Year of Publication: 2013
Author: Larry Rittenberg, PhD, CIA Chair Emeritus

This publication is designed to be a companion piece to the 2013 COSO Internal Control –Integrated Framework and outlines implications for internal auditing and suggests ways in which internal auditors might also play a leading role in educating key members of management on how the organisation might address changes suggested in the updated Framework. It also identifies the need for internal auditors to use informed judgment toassess the design and operation of internal control, as well as opportunities to make internalcontrol both more effective and efficient.

This book will help anyone responsible for internal controls understand:

  • The major changes in the Framework.
  • How the changes will impact decisions made by internal auditors, audit committees, boards, and management.
  • The increased need for subjective analysis and evidence when auditing controls.
  • New approaches for external financial reporting and IT controls.