05 Feb Evaluating and Improving Organisational Governance

Year of Publication: 2011
Member Price: RM 270
Non Member Price: RM 480

Corporate scandals, distrust in organisational leadership, and stakeholders demanding more information, fairness, and direct action have heightened awareness of the need for greater governance.

As an experienced internal auditor you know there is no one-size-fits-all governance model and no “blueprint” for what an organisation’s governance structure should look like. A comprehensive, effective governance system will help you discover what it is that you didn’t know you did not know. This is why it is important that all personnel — from the governing board to the organisation’s front line — use this handbook to ensure that effective governance exists.

Author Dean Bahrman, CIA, provides comprehensive information, including:

  • Building blocks such as defining objectives, goals, strategies, and risk management.
  • Outlining the legal requirements and governance codes.
  • An Organisational Governance Framework.
  • Identifying and defining the roles and responsibilities of key “players” in organisational governance.
  • More than 20 internal governance processes to provide basic criteria for evaluation.


The handbook also includes helpful appendices and suggested further readings. Whether your organisation is big or small, public, private, or not-for-profit, this handbook is an important resource in providing guidance on fulfilling your governance responsibilities.