Quality Assurance Services

External Assessment

The benefit of an organisation undergoing a external QA is that it allows the internal auditors to state that their activities “conforms with the International Standards for the Professional practice of Internal Auditing.” It also builds stakeholder confidence by documenting management’s commitment to quality and successful leading practices, and the internal auditors’ mindset for professionalism. Obtaining an external QA provides evidence to the board, management, and staff that the audit committee and the internal audit activity are concerned about the organisation’s internal controls, ethics, governance, and risk management processes.


Regardless of an organisation’s industry or the internal audit activity’s complexity or size, there are two approved approaches to external QAs:

  • External Assessment with Independent Validation
    An independent review team would be appointed to perform the quality assurance review.
  • Self-Assessment with Independent Validation
    The internal audit activity will have to complete the quality assessment report and an external validator substantiates some of the work done by the self-assessment team, makes an on-site visit, interviews senior management, and either co-signs the CAE’s report regarding conformance to the Standards, or issues a separate report on the disparities.

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Our quality assessment services are customised according to the needs and requirements of our client. Due to this our proposal and pricing are unique to each client.