01 Feb Internal Auditing: Uncover the Myths, Discover the Value

Year of Publication: 2015
Author: Rick A. Wright Jr., CIA

There is no question that the internal audit profession has a compelling value proposition. It upholds the virtues of righteousness, continuous improvement, excellence, achievement, accountability, and positive change, to name a few. Internal audit activities serve as a hedge for organisations against mediocrity, erosion of ethical values, and corruption. This book presents a number of tangible ways internal audit functions create and add value.

Author Rick Wright provides a brief history of internal auditing and then offers valuable information for internal auditors who may be new to the profession. Chapters include:

  • The value proposition
  • Internal auditing myths
  • Three lines of defense
  • How internal audit is governed and managed
  • The contemporary practice of internal auditing
  • Tools of internal auditing


The internal audit value proposition is alive and well. Internal audit functions all around the world are delivering value to their organisations through objectivity, assurance, and insights. Today, and in the future, internal auditors will play a critical role in helping the organisations they serve to better manage risk and achieve their objectives.