03 Feb IT Auditing: The Basics

Year of Publication: 2005
Member Price: RM 605
Non Member Price: RM 730

IT Auditing: The Basics strips away some of the mystery surrounding IT audits by presenting a plain English, straightforward discussion of risks, control objectives, and control techniques for selected high payback IT audit areas that do not require a large degree of technical expertise.

Information Technology (IT) audits continue to be viewed as a mysterious world that requires highly specialised skills. However, as regulatory requirements such as those imposed by the recently enacted Sarbanes-Oxley Act highlight that organisations’ financial reporting and operational performance become more and more dependent on complex information technology, it becomes increasingly difficult to conduct effective audits that do not include an aspect of IT auditing. The days of “auditing around the computer” are over.

As an audit director and information technology auditor with over 22 years’ experience in the profession, Michael Lapelosa, has seen both sides of the audit equation. As a strong advocate of the “Integrated Audit Approach” he has struggled for many years with the challenge of making IT audit concepts more understandable for non-technical auditors.

Throughout this digital product he shares a standardised approach that he has developed to provide guidance and direction by selecting high risk, high payback areas to review.

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