Operational Assessment of IT

28 Nov Operational Assessment of IT

Year of Publication: 2016
Member Price: RM 300
Non Member Price: RM 375
No of Pages: 338

Operational Assessment of IT
By: Steve Katzman

Operational Assessment of IT presents ideas and concepts of optimisation designed to improve an organisation’s business processes and assist business units in meeting organisational goals more effectively.

Rather than focus on specific technologies, computing environments, enterprise risks, resource programmes, or infrastructure, the book focuses on organisational processes. Throughout the book, the author presents concerns and environments encountered throughout his career to demonstrate issues and explain how you, too, can successfully implement the tools presented in the book.

The assessment process reviews the economics as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the process. Whether your organisation is profit-based, not-for-profit, or even governmental, you cannot provide services or products at a continuous loss. For an operational assessment to be of value, the ultimate goal must be to ensure that the business unit process is effective and efficient and employs the financial assets and resources appropriately or helps the business unit make adjustments to improve the operation and use resources more efficiently and economically.

After reading this book, you will be able to devise more efficient and economical ways to meet your customers’ requirements, no matter who or where your customers are. You will learn that the goal of any process is to service or supply customers with what they want. The book provides tools and techniques that will assist you in gaining a 360-degree view of the process so that you can help the business unit improve the delivery of a quality product or a service to the customer.