01 Feb Raise the Red Flag: An Internal Auditor’s Guide to Detect and Prevent Fraud

Year of Publication: 2015
Author: Lynn Fountain, CRMA, CGMA

In Raise the Red Flag, author Lynn Fountain combines principles and theories of fraud prevention and detection with real-world scenarios and hands-on procedures. Whether you are determining your internal audit department’s preparedness to support your organisation’s anti-fraud efforts or investigating actual allegations of fraud, Raise the Red Flag provides valuable techniques and approaches you can put into practice right away. This book is one you will return to again and again throughout your internal audit career.

The concepts and strategies discussed in this book represent the viewpoints of a practitioner on the various aspects of fraud. This book provides internal audit professionals with practical concepts to use when entering into any type of fraud evaluation or monitoring work at their organisation. The chapters include:

  • Fraud and the connection to the control environment and COSO 2013
  • Establishing a fraud-fighting methodology
  • Conducting a fraud risk assessment
  • Fraud evaluation versus fraud investigation
  • Data analytics and digital fraud


By applying the principles and practices in this book, along with professional skepticism and a questioning mind, internal auditors will know when to raise the red flag-and what to do about it.