The Complete Guide to Cybersecurity Risks and Controls

28 Nov The Complete Guide to Cybersecurity Risks and Controls

Year of Publication: 2016
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Page No: 326

The Complete Guide to Cybersecurity Risks and Controls
Anne Kohnke, Dan Shoemaker, Ken E. Sigler

In this book, you will learn how to create a working, practical control structure that will ensure the ongoing, day-to-day trustworthiness of ICT systems and data. The book explains how to establish systematic control functions and timely reporting procedures within a standard organisational framework and build auditable trust into the routine assurance of ICT operations.

The book is based on the belief that ICT operation is a strategic governance issue rather than a technical concern. With the exponential growth of security breaches and the increasing dependency on external business partners to achieve organisational success, the effective use of ICT governance and enterprisewide frameworks to guide the implementation of integrated security controls are critical in order to mitigate data theft. Surprisingly, many organisations do not have formal processes or policies to protect their assets from internal or external threats.

The ICT governance and control process establishes a complete and correct set of managerial and technical control behaviors that ensures reliable monitoring and control of ICT operations. The body of knowledge for doing that is explained in this text. This body of knowledge process applies to all operational aspects of ICT responsibilities, ranging from upper management policy making and planning all the way down to basic technology operation.